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Links - Teachers
This page includes contact details of melodeon teachers.    We provide this list in good faith, but we do not check the credentials of teachers listed here or provide any quality control.  When contacting the teachers listed it is your responsibility to check that the teacher provides you with a suitable service.

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Hazel Askew [posted 08/06/2020]
One of the country’s leading melodeon players and is one of the most experienced melodeon teachers in the UK.
Contact for online tuition

Melanie Biggs  [posted 03/04/2018]
South Derbyshire, UK.
Professional teacher specialising in English and French/continental dance styles.
All abilities on DG, GC, BbEb and CF instruments.
Worldwide Skype lessons, group workshops, festival and event workshops
Founder of 'Pick Up & Play with Mel Biggs' online courses

Jonathan Stuart Causebrook [posted 13/03/2020]
DG & CG melodeon teacher for beginner and intermediate level
English, Irish, European, Singing and Playing
Play by ear or learn form music
Individual or group sessions.

Luca Celano
Brighton, Sussex, UK
All diatonic or single row systems and styles
Complete beginners to advanced playing, theory, arrangement etc.
Individual lessons, by ear or with written music. Bespoke distance learning available.

Gary Chapin[posted 30/6/2013]
Gardiner, Maine, USA.
Two or Three row quint boxes.
Beginner, intermediate, advanced.
French, Breton, and folk songs, sea shanties, hymns etc.
Teaching in person or via internet.

Archie Churchill-Moss [posted 24/01/2017]
Glastonbury, SW England
2 and 3 row D/G and other 5th apart systems (Mainly an English/French/Scottish/Irish/Swedish repertoire)
All levels - Beginner to Advanced. Experience in group/festival workshos and can tailor individual lessons to fit most needs. Lessons in increasing repertoire, ornamentation and more complex bass end techniques

Lester Bailey [posted 28/6/2013]
Wendover, Bucks, UK.
D/G, C/F, Bb/Eb, 1 Row
By Ear, from music, ABC
Absolute Beginners, Intermediate, English, Morris and Ceilidh

Luke Deaton
Dublin, Ireland
B/C button accordion - Traditional Irish
Individual and Skype lessons offered, although I'm available for workshops etc

Steve Dumpleton [posted 28/6/2013]
Sheffield, South Yorks, UK.
Experienced teacher and university lecturer.
Can offer tuition melodeon on D/G, C/F, G/C or one-row instruments. Also anglo concertina whistle, clarinet.
English/Welsh; from written music or by ear; Playing for dancing and traditional dance music from the East of England a speciality.
Beginners, intermediate. Advanced by mutual arrangement. Group workshops at festivals.
e-mail: s.dumpleton[AT]

Bob Ellis [posted 13/9/2014]
Hawes, North Yorkshire, UK
D/G 2-row, D/G/accidentals 3-row melodeon or 1-row in C or D.
Playing for English or French folk dance; playing for Morris dance; playing in sessions.
Absolute beginner to intermediate.
By ear, from sheet music or a combination of the two. Can teach how to read music.
One-to-one lessons, small groups or workshops.

Ben Farmer
Lancaster, UK
D/G,  B/C/C#, Piano Accordion
Beginners to advanced
Happy and experienced in teaching: individuals, groups, festival workshop, skype, facetime

George Garside [posted 28/6/2013]
Southport, UK.
One row, DG, BC, BCC#.  English, Scottish, Irish or any ''jolly tunes!''  beginners, intermediate.  Mentoring at advanced  level.
Also piano and chromatic accordion.
Teaching by ear or from notation.
One off or series of lessons, experienced festival workshop leader.
Author of tutor book ''DG Melodeon a Crash Course for Beginners''

Kitty Greenwood  BA (music) ALCM PGCE [posted 25/01/2017]
Ludlow, Shropshire, UK
D/G melodeon
One-to-one lessons at my home, all levels including complete beginners.
I teach by ear or from notation if preferred & can explain the finer details of music theory.
More details at

Chris Jewell. [posted 05/10/2014]
North Devon and Braunfels Germany. Two row DG.  Beginners to advance. Individual lessons.

Howard Jones [posted 28/6/2013]
Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK
D/G Melodeon, Anglo Concertina
Styles: English
Beginner/Intermediate.  Advanced if we both think I can add value
Teaching by ear

Ollie King [posted 30/6/2013]
Sheffield, UK
D/G English style, playing for Morris a speciality. Music theory in folk music, and how to make your playing more musically interesting.
Beginners/Intermediate, advanced by mutual agreement.
One to one lessons, group workshops at festivals and events.

Alan Morley 07985 238579 [posted 05/10/2014]
Southeast Derbyshire individual lessons - Beginner to Advanced(ish)
Morris, Country Dance, French Tunes
D/G Melodeon, we have a spare box if you haven't go one yet.
Bellows control, cross fingering, using bass buttons, recording, audio editing, playing by ear, thinking outside the box.

Lizzy Pellant  [posted 30/6/2013]
Hereford UK
D/G   English traditional style
Absolute beginners to intermediate
Experienced playing for and teaching children extra-curricular in primary school.

Ed Rennie  [posted 14/7/2015]
Devon UK
D/G English dance music.  Ed has also written a Beginners Guide with CD and DVD  and has 100+ tutorial videos on YouTube

Will Pound [posted 25/01/2014]
Kenilworth, UK
Beginners/Intermediate, advanced.
One to one lessons, group workshops at festivals and events lessons by Skype.

Renee de la Prade
Oakland, California, USA
Single row playing for Cajun, Irish, misc. folk music (C, G, D; with concepts that can translate onto any key instrument)
Irish system D/D#
Anglo Concertina
Interpreting Pop/Rock grooves on accordion
Individual lessons by appointment
lessons taught at Smythe's Accordion Center in Oakland, CA

Chris Ryall [posted 30/6/2013]
Wirral UK, can travel locally.
D/G or G/C  +/-accs, I play C#D/G but my boxes' inner rows are all "standard"
French, European, Morris, English. Singing with melodeon, playing for dance, playing in chords, odd rhythms, Blues
Exploring tune arrangements, ornament and improvisation with non-beginners.
Individual lessons.
Infamous theory, see modes or chords

Christian Stevens
Christian Stevens
Freeport, Maine, USA
B/C, C#/D and 1 row button accordion, C/G Anglo Concertina
All levels
Available for lessons around New England and via Skype

Les Titford [posted 31/8/2016]
Rayleigh, South East Essex, UK
Beginner, DG GC C 1 row ADG GCF. English and anglo concertina
Teaches from notation including how to read music.  Lessons  can be videoed or recorded.
40+ years experience as music teacher
Bespoke video lessons with sheet music for specific tunes - many video lessons already available.

Gus Voorhees [posted 13/9/2014]
Washington, D.C. USA
Beginner to Advanced: English, French, Scandinavian, Contra and Old Time. Theory and challenging musicality.
individual, group, festival workshop, or skype lessons

Owen Woods [posted 28/6/2013]
Co Durham, UK
D/G Melodeon
Beginner and intermediate. Advanced in some circumstances.

Paul Young [posted 22/09/2014]
York, UK
Individual tuition.
D/G and 1 row, English, Irish, Scottish, French.
Absolute beginner to advanced. Loan instrument available for beginners. - (c) Theo Gibb; Clive Williams 2010. The access and use of this website and forum featuring these terms and conditions constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions.
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