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Title: Same old Song: Pokerwork button travel
Post by: Jamie Robertson on November 22, 2007, 02:32:50 AM
I have reviewed the postings at the old forum, and folks presented several methods for limiting Pokerwork button (not key) travel.  Is there a consensus as to which method is the best?  Also, did any photos of the process survive.  I have a pretty good notion of how it all goes together with the slat or the felt or what have you, but a picture is worth quite a bit of verbage--Whew--dodged a cliche' there!!

Thanks in advance from a middle aged novice.  And to those in the states, Happy Thanksgiving.

Title: Re: Same old Song: Pokerwork button travel
Post by: melodeon on November 22, 2007, 07:02:31 PM
Simple in concept..

Remove the grille
Open accordeon by removing the pins that hold the treble side of the instrument.. remove the treble side form the bellows
Locate and remove the 2 screws that hold the keyboard
Skoochy  the keyboard off the mechanism.. ie pull up away form the buttons and then forward
Inside the keyboard in the back where the button arms contact the wood  afix ( attach) by means of glue
A felt strip....  perhaps 3/4 wide by 18/th to 1/4 thick...
At this point it seems to me self evident  where to place the felt
Go to Wal MArt in the section where they keep little goodies for the biottoms of chairs and such for preventing floor scratches
There you will find some tan colored felt in packages.. some in large pads some in strips.. get's cheap
I have also used neoprene and leather.....

After you glue this stuff in  it will be a bit tougher to slide the keybaord back on  but it will go...  just dont bust anything... Actually that would be tough to do but I am sure it's possible.....

Refit the screws.. refit the treble end to the bellows
Refit the grille..

Or  you could get a  retro fit wooden keyboard with a thumbgroove  keyboard in about 3 weeks from Dancemaster Accordions  that will have a removeable top plate and back plate..
Or you can send the box to him and have him fit the unit and make other critical adjustments.

Have fun.....
Title: Re: Same old Song: Pokerwork button travel
Post by: JD on November 28, 2007, 10:53:24 PM
Hitting the buttons off-centre works for me. When my fingertip meets the button board the button stops moving.
This works ok on my 1980s Pokerwork as the buttons are only about 3mm proud of the button board. More modern versions (dare I say of Chinese manufacture) seem to have the buttons much prouder. This doesn't seem to worry my irritatingly talented friend who plays rings round me on a Chinese Pokerwork that has the longest button travel on any instrument I have ever seen.