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Title: chromatic or mixte?
Post by: pgroff on October 09, 2013, 08:50:40 PM
Hi all,

Here's a beautiful instrument from Vercelli. It's described as chromatic:

When I see these ornate, very big Italian boxes with 3 very long rows of large pearl melody buttons and Stradella bass, I have usually assumed they are indeed 3-row chromatic boxes (each melody button giving same note in both bellows directions).  In the US, the GCB system boxes, usually made in Italy, that the french call "mixte," are usually smaller and often earlier.

But having seen a few big boxes like this now that are GCB diatonic on the melody side, now I find myself asking the question in the title.  Of course, ebay sellers can't always be trusted to describe the layout of a button accordion!

Your thoughts?  In this case I probably won't try to contact the seller to get this played over the phone.

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