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Title: On the Road Again
Post by: Matthew B on February 13, 2019, 07:17:15 PM
Hey folks, I'm heading up to Greenland for work this summer.  Previous discussions here and a bit of research reveals a lively Greenlandic accordion-driven polka scene (check out Jørgen Kleemann here (, particularly at 3:06 forwards). 

The music goes by the name of "Kalattuut" locally, and seems to show up in Denmark quite a bit.  Thus there is the fantastic Fionia Folk Bigband doing a grand version of the Greenlandic Lille Martin Polka here ( (  One tune even got played on the John Peel Show back in the day, described as "Greenland Reggae"  ( (   I'm also aware that several tunes from the Shetland tradition have roots in Greenland (eg. The Merry Boys of Greenland, Willafjord, Da Greenland Man's Tune).  So I'm slowly assembling a play-list that's connected to the tradition, but it's all rather random right now. 

Here's the question: does anyone have experience or connections in Greenland?  Perhaps one of the Danish forum members, Lars?, Klarskov?, tostean?  Any pointers would be a big help.

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