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 on: Today at 08:41:57 AM 
Started by gettabettabox - Last post by richard.fleming
UK mainland only? What have you got against islands?

 on: Today at 05:12:33 AM 
Started by lachenal74693 - Last post by Lyra
I'm running Firefox 56 (for reasons, not sloth) and it's fine for me

 on: Yesterday at 11:34:21 PM 
Started by gettabettabox - Last post by gettabettabox
Going cheap, maybe useful for existing projects or rebuild?
A manifold 3 stopper, LMM in B flat and a monogram 3 stopper LMM in A.
Comically playable, ( poor grammar,) ...but I no longer laugh when I play them.
Email me for pics, make me a cheapskate offer and meet postage.
Uk mainland only.

 on: Yesterday at 09:33:36 PM 
Started by gmatkin - Last post by gmatkin
My interpretation of the version Bert Lloyd sang on the LP English Drinking Songs in 1956 - the year of my birth.

Naturally, it's a great CD with some cracking songs - but you can't help wishing you could hear the old boys' singing as well as the undoubtedly wonderful Bert.

The accompaniment is played in DG on a standard layout melodeon - it's a pressed wood Hohner refurbished and converted by Mike Rowbotham.


 on: Yesterday at 09:07:51 PM 
Started by Clive Williams - Last post by Eshed
I've really enjoyed many of the postings here. What a fun happy tune.

Here's my take:
That was a trippy rendition!

 on: Yesterday at 08:29:56 PM 
Started by Andy Duckering - Last post by Andy Duckering
With equal levels of skill applied to each instrument, the melodeon/anglo will suit "lumpy" dances while the English/PA will better suit French Cafe music.


Unfortunately (or fortunately) I like both....  :D

 on: Yesterday at 07:59:39 PM 
Started by John MacKenzie (Cugiok) - Last post by tirpous
Is the leak between the frame and bellows or in the corner joint between the 2 wooden pieces ?

 on: Yesterday at 07:48:38 PM 
Started by Andy Duckering - Last post by Edward Jennings
Ignoring it would be the job. Thankfully, I don't have tinnitus but my wife has trouble sleeping at times because of barking guard dogs when we're in Egypt. She's amazed that I manage to go to sleep in spite of them, but I just ignore the noise. Sadly it's a skill which she hasn't managed to grasp!
I'm sure you'll get there.

 on: Yesterday at 04:39:50 PM 
Started by John MacKenzie (Cugiok) - Last post by invadm
why not take off the frame clean,paint than glue it back Sir John? you'll have a shiny new bellows  ;) 

 on: Yesterday at 04:34:03 PM 
Started by Harmonicatunes - Last post by invadm
Hi Tony, I'll take it..this like waiting for a bus for long time and all 5 arrives at the same time for me  ;) PM sent

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