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 on: Today at 05:07:31 AM 
Started by Pat McInnis - Last post by GPS
It's always best to remove the old tape.

 on: Today at 03:31:15 AM 
Started by Mark Luckasavage - Last post by pgroff
Hi Mark,

Great news that you found a set of DGC reeds!  I'm back in Miami now but assume you won't need the FBbEb reeds that were original to the accordion body I sent you.

When I got back here I actually was able to locate a second, even nicer example of your FBbEb with the reeds in it. If you would like the FBbEb reeds for your accordion body or a second example of that model with reeds installed, PM me. Even though it was fine with me to send you the body without the reeds, if you are taking the trouble to restore, play, and maintain one of this model, it might actually be useful to have another complete example, with its original reeds in place. This would answer all your questions about layout of the chords and accidentals, would guide your conversion of the reedless body to DGC, and would provide another set of keys (FBbEb).

edited to add:

In your post just above, the way that you have your layout diagram shown, I think the bottom right pair of basses should be for F major /F and F bass / F bass

Not sure about your other notation.

The standard for layout diagrams here on melnet is different than Hohner uses in their instruction manuals.


 on: Today at 02:29:57 AM 
Started by Mark Luckasavage - Last post by Mark Luckasavage
I've adjusted this per Rees and Theo's comments. Thank you! Does it look right now?

I know this is not a common layout but I have old videos of my dad playing his 499 and I'd like to tune mine to his. I had a real hard time finding the D LL reeds however Andreas @ fraton-accordions in Germany hooked me up with the H stamped steel set along with all the treble, bass and chords!

Best regards,

 on: Today at 01:57:32 AM 
Started by Pat McInnis - Last post by Pat McInnis
I have a spare Pokerwork type bellows that I'm fixing up and was wondering if the old tape should be completely skinned off or just cover it over. There are a few loose bits that will come away easily but most of the old tape is stuck fast and will be a pretty big job to remove it all. The tape from the factory is 3/4" and I bought 1" replacement. I thought that if I went over the old tape that my bellows would possibly end up being really bulky.


 on: Today at 12:53:37 AM 
Started by Clive Williams - Last post by Alan Pittwood
The first tune came from Rose Murphy, I came across it on "Round the House and Mind the Dresser" edited by Reg Hall. Played on a D Clipper.

The Rose Murphy track The road to Ballysodare was originally published on her 1977 LP Milltown Lass (12TS316) -11 of the 21 tracks are melodeon.   A good source of old time Irish fiddle and accordion tunes and an interesting contrast to the Sliabh Luachra LPs being published at that time

It sounds a little strange, and difficult to play along with, until you realise that Rose played 'push and draw' in the key of B on the outside row of a BC melodeon.

 on: Today at 12:13:59 AM 
Started by Clive Williams - Last post by Tufty
Thanks for all the nice comments :|bl but most of the credit goes to the Clipper, it is just the best! I think I have played it every day since I got it.

 on: Yesterday at 11:37:58 PM 
Started by Clive Williams - Last post by Dick Rees
Another thumbs up!  Lovely sounding one-row.

 on: Yesterday at 11:36:01 PM 
Started by penn - Last post by penn
Thank you chaps, it seems as if melnet has worked its magic again. The latest broken reed is now unbroken.

I was pulling it to try and see if the pitch was changing and suddenly it fixed itself. The box now has a light swing on two reeds, and a heavier wash with the third in, and the problem was there with the two reeds. So I assumed that the cracked reed must have broken off - it is pretty dry on that setting and it’s quite a high reed, so fairly hard to determine much beat. So actually in that state I wasn’t going to notice a missing reed - I play mostly on three reeds (and why wouldn’t you eh? Paid for ‘em). But I thought I’d better open it up to remove any bits of reed floating about inside. The pair of dry reeds are on one block, I removed it, and all reeds were intact in that area. (Pull is always on the inside isn’t it?)
So....magic or what? Maybe a sticky valve or something like that?
Anyway, thanks for the comments.

 on: Yesterday at 11:13:49 PM 
Started by Clive Williams - Last post by Anahata
If I remember correctly, a Clipper is always a 1-row instrument and since you only named one key for your box, I reckon that this is correct. Having said that, I'm absolutely astonished by how fluid your playing was on this recording.

That recording is definitely a one-row. But everything else you said is also true: it's beautifully played and exemplifies what great music can be got from the humble one row melodeon. As I like to put it, the instrument did not get in the way of the music.

 on: Yesterday at 10:31:30 PM 
Started by Clive Williams - Last post by Rees
Well played Tufty, nice to hear the old Clipper given a good thrashing.

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