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 on: Today at 01:06:37 PM 
Started by Hugh Taylor - Last post by ChrisP
The idea that they disappeared is a bit odd. Does nobody watch Strictly? Have you all forgotten Victor Silvester? My father started his dance band days in the 1920s, and his father before WW1. The Beresford Band. Scan Tester's Imperial Jazz Band. It was all working class couple dance. Waltz, schottishes, polkas, barn dance, tango, foxtrot

 on: Today at 12:46:46 PM 
Started by KEB27 - Last post by Pete Dunk
If you have a Google account, read the instructions on this page to create your own custom layout chart. Download a tuner app to your phone or computer, play the notes one by one and fill in the chart. Shout if you get stuck.

Edited to add: If you give an indication of your general location there may be a forum member nearby who can help you out.

 on: Today at 12:38:26 PM 
Started by ChrisP - Last post by Pete Dunk
PM sent, I'm in!

 on: Today at 12:35:14 PM 
Started by ChrisP - Last post by ChrisP
Who's up for volunteering to do some ABC transcriptions?
Through the generosity of a friend, Peter Law, who recently managed to obtain this large manuscript, the Village Music Project has been given copies of it, along with permission to ABC it.
From what I know of it so far it seems to date from after the middle of the 19thC. Unlike some of Buttrey it is very neatly and clearly laid out, and legible.
It has been batched up as PDFs to about 35 tunes per batch. I could snip smaller lumps off if you don't want to start with that many.
Let me know either by PM or email please, as I may not read this thread often.

 on: Today at 12:31:19 PM 
Started by KEB27 - Last post by KEB27
I have just acquired one of these. Can anyone help me with working out the layout please? 23 buttons + 6 in DG

 on: Today at 09:46:04 AM 
Started by Theo - Last post by Theo
These are lovely players, comparable instruments from other top Italian makers cost £100s more.  Beautifully responsive reeds, full warm treble sound and a bass sound that is big without being brash. 

 on: Today at 12:10:35 AM 
Started by Jinzhi - Last post by Jinzhi
I am looking for an original Hohner 2 row D/G in good condition. It would be great if I could have a look of its pictures and video before purchasing to get a general idea about how it looks/sounds like.

I am based in Lancaster, Uk. Many thanks.

 on: Yesterday at 11:17:34 PM 
Started by Peadar - Last post by Peadar
Thanks Theo- it did have that feeling of falling apart when it broke completely- but it is still reassuring to be told it wasn't just me being clumsy.

 on: Yesterday at 10:37:55 PM 
Started by Peadar - Last post by Theo
It was fractured.  Reed steel is very tough, it will bend before it breaks.  It only breaks if it was cracked.

 on: Yesterday at 10:33:21 PM 
Started by Peadar - Last post by Peadar
Cape my last question. If it wasn't fractured before it is now.

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