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Keyboard Layouts

One of the most frustrating aspects about the melodeon is the fact that there is no one design for the standard instrument worldwide. The first fact to take into consideration is the number of rows (1, 2, 2½, or 3).

To view the layouts click on the links below:

The original layouts by John Spiers are being replaced and augmented by new versions generated using Lester's Google Docs Template. (see below) The new layouts have the added goodness of octave numbers for each note.

Please report errors/omissions to Lester

If you want to make your own layout diagrams Lester has created the following Google Docs Templates:

To use them you need a Google - Sign In which is easy to get (type "Get GMAIL account" into Google). You can the open the docs create a copy and edit away to your hearts content, just click on the note name and you can change it to whatever you like. - (c) Theo Gibb; Clive Williams 2010. The access and use of this website and forum featuring these terms and conditions constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions.