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Author Topic: Streb optimisations - was Re: Hyde Midi Device.  (Read 1975 times)

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Streb optimisations - was Re: Hyde Midi Device.
« on: November 14, 2008, 12:48:58 PM »

As a member of the aforementioned Streb massive, I think my Streb is rather fab *except* at the business of simulating a melodeon directly. As an electronic instrument in its own right, it's really fine; essentially duplicating most of the features of an electric keyboard in a much more portable form factor and with bellows. It allows me to practice silently, and of course it delivers the 'melodeon capo' for singing along with. Things like the minor keyboard layouts are great fun and you can plug it into a computer for that full-on MIDI experience.

I think Squeezy has said he's working with Steve on making the Streb more melodeon-like. At present the bellows response doesn't quite feel like a 'real' box and the buttons are sort of clicky because they're very low-pressure electronic switches.

Having said all that, people who don't already know have to be told that you're playing an electric box; they don't notice straight away if you're using one of the melodeon samples.

Hi Alison - I've had my (rather early) Streb updated earlier this year by Steve, and I think it's improved the melodeon-like qualities of it no end. If you haven't tried this already, try setting the bellow response on your patches to 'Mel 3' - this is a new(ish) response curve which I think is a lot more realistic than earlier efforts. I think the most realistic sample is Club (which by some quirk of fate is actually a sample of my Hohner Club, so I guess I'm going to be biased). Pokerwork is very convincing too, especially with the Mel 3 response curve. Other favourites are the dry 4 stop LMMH sample, and I'm starting to like the Mory LMM sample (another sample of one of my boxes!).



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