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Author Topic: Meet Gloria  (Read 7207 times)

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Re: Meet Gloria
« Reply #60 on: March 11, 2017, 12:27:45 AM »

Gloria up to Gateshead for a professional appraisal. It's probably good money after bad but imagine if Gloria could be made to be the best she's ever been, what then eh?
Two comments:
1 there is no such thing as good money in this context. Or bad - it's all money. But it's only money. Take heart, you're not getting ripped off, but is the a wise way to spend the money? I think that we are supporting both the tradition and the craftsmen in the process.
2 Gateshead is a great place to get value for money. I have learnt and paid relatively little for the learning.

I live with the knowledge that I have saved from skips things of beauty, when really they should have been skipped. But they are alive and well now and that is a real consolation.
One day I should be skipped and hopefully someone will pull me from the ashes and polish me up. I hear the cries of 'too late, too late'.
Serafini R2D2 GC, Castagnari Sander DG
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