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Author Topic: Beaver Brand again -- Swan logo PA possibly made by Weidlich?  (Read 1281 times)

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Beaver Brand again -- Swan logo PA possibly made by Weidlich?
« on: August 15, 2013, 02:39:06 PM »

Hi all,

We've sometimes discussed Beaver Brand diatonic boxes in other parts of this forum.  Other members have sometimes stated that these are "re-badged Hohners" which I have disputed (as a general assertion). Maybe the difference of opinion comes from a difference in which models and periods of Beaver Brand instruments found their way to the UK vs. USA.  But most (not all!) of the Beaver Brand instruments I've seen myself have different construction from any boxes that are labeled Hohner. For example, most of them that I've seen have the reeds for the triads of the bass side joined together 6 on a common plate (3 for press, 3 for draw).*

Some Beaver Brand instruments do have similar features with Hohner-labeled boxes (and examples have been shown here) but in my personal experience the majority do not.  So I view the Beaver Brand as a label with the individual boxes sourced from various factories (most in my experience, non-Hohner).

Here is an interesting Beaver Brand piano accordion that seems in very nice original condition (though of course, the original build quality was not to expensive specifications). I would predict its construction to deviate from the inexpensive Hohner-labeled PAs.  From the Swan logo on the grille I am wondering if it was made by Weidlich:

Any thoughts?  As always, I welcome other points of view and always willing to change my own based on evidence.


*See for example:,3921.

Edited to add:  I attached 1) a pic from the ebay listing, because the listings will eventually be deleted, 2) a pic of the Weidlich logo, and 3) a pic of the CF Beaver Brand diatonic box (model 627) from the melnet thread linked above, showing the reedplates.
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