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Author Topic: Arthur's Seat  (Read 6186 times)

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Owen Woods

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Re: Arthur's Seat
« Reply #20 on: March 18, 2009, 03:38:14 PM »

But you can have both with the scale starting on the 4th button.

I'm not sure quite what you mean by this?

and the D7 is useful indeed, I'm currently trying to incorporate RH chords more into my playing.
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Re: Arthur's Seat
« Reply #21 on: March 18, 2009, 10:13:30 PM »

Well, it is playable, although the B part is a little tricky in places, but I don't have a low C on  my box :(

So get one fitted on the lowest G row button on pull -- it opens up a whole new world of tune possibilities :-)


You mean my high Eb? I presume you do, since I wouldn't give away my one pull D for love or money :P Well, I don't use the Eb at all much, so it might be worth doing...

No I meant the pull D, I've found I don't really miss it since you have the push D with the D chord on the D row.

I use *all* the accidentals on one tune or another, I feel it's better to have notes that you wouldn't otherwise have (like the low C) at the cost of losing a duplicate note (the D) rather than a unique note (the Eb) -- you can always do without a duplicate, but if you don't have a note you can't play a tune that needs it.


Nah, see I love my pull D. I use it all the time, improves the fluency when going cross row that end of the box no end. Worth it just for the ease in the common "D, E, F#" triplet at the beginning of many tunes. I'm lazy at heart and having a pull D requires much less effort than not. I do use my Eb from time to time, but it isn't that often that it is worth doing so, as opposed to just missing out the offending note. I use the G# most of my standard accidentals.

I used to have the pull D on mine and agree with your comments about fluency -- but since having changed it to a C (actually, I did this originally just for one particular tune!) there are now a whole pile of tunes that I can now play that just weren't possible before, and usually the C is such an obvious part of the tune (with a C chord) that you can't miss it out.

Of course if you have the D then you can't play these tunes so presumably you don't miss them :-)

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