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Author Topic: Tunes with accidentals  (Read 6745 times)

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Bob Ellis

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Re: Tunes with accidentals
« Reply #20 on: March 18, 2009, 01:12:04 AM »

Another one that sounds great in G minor is Twin Sisters - G minor gives it a slightly Middle Eastern sound.
I like the sound of that, but when I put 'Twin Sisters' into JC's tune finder I get a Strathspey, a reel in GMaj and the tune for the Upton Upon Severn Stick Dance.
Do you have the notation / link to a recording?
I have attached a PDF file of Twin Sisiters in G minor to this posting (at least I hope I have because it is the first time I have tried to do so on this forum!) The basses are the ones I tend to play, but you may want to change them - or may need to if you don't have B flat, E flat and F natural!
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Doug Anderson

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Re: Tunes with accidentals
« Reply #21 on: March 21, 2009, 10:36:28 PM »

I have two G/C melodeons with different accidental button layouts. One tune that I've been playing a lot lately to get used to switching between the two boxes is Meet Me To-Night In Dreamland. It gives my little finger a real workout on the Nik with the "standard" accidental layout. With some of the accidentals on the two-button third row of the Lorelei it's a bit easier. Please excuse the chords in the abc. They're still a work in progress.

T:Meet Me To-Night In Dreamland. (D)
C:Leo Friedman
K:D %Transposed from Bb

Pete Dunk

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Re: Tunes with accidentals
« Reply #22 on: March 28, 2009, 02:40:16 PM »

Slight thread drift here because this tune only has a couple of accidentals. The key change maintains interest and I think it's a prime candidate to be 'morrised' (although it probably already has by someone somewhere). The abc was skilfully transcribed by David Barnert of the forum.

T:Nellie the Elephant
C:Butler/Hart 1957
Z:David Barnert
F3   E3 | D3- D2D| FGA G2F|E3- E2E|
E2E  EEE|^G2E E2E|=B2E E2E|A6    :|
FGA  FED| F2F A2A| B2B dcB|A3  F3 |
G2G  EEE| AAA F3 | c3  B3 |A6     |
FGA  FED| F2F A2A| B2B dcB|A3  F3 |
G2G  EEE| AAA F3 | B3  C3 |D3- D2||
DFA  d2c| d3  A3 | B3  A2G|F3- F2F|
E2F ^GFE| A2B ccd |e2d c2B|A3  G3 |
FGA  FED| F2F A2A| B2B dcB|A3  F3 |
G2G  EEE| AAA F3 | B3  C3 |D3- D2|]
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