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Author Topic: Hommage a Jean-Paul Beaulieu  (Read 669 times)

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howard mitchell

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    • Howard Mitchell
Hommage a Jean-Paul Beaulieu
« on: August 12, 2018, 09:08:41 PM »

I recently received a CD “Grandes Rencontres” from Sabin Jacques.  I can thoroughly recommend this CD for the virtuosity of both artists, Sabin Jacques on various boxes and Rachel Aucoin on piano.

Amongst the tracks I was drawn to a Phillipe Bruneau piece which I’d not heard before called  Hommage a Jean-Paul Beaulieu. It’s a three part jig with the three parts in the keys of G, D and Bb. On the CD it’s played on a GCF box but it occurred to me that it might work on my D/G Saltarelle 2 and a half row particularly as I have a 12 bass with Bb, F and Eb chords.

The A music ends on a G and the B music starts on an A and lifts the tune into the key of D.  The B music then ends on a D and the C music starts on the same D but as the third of a Bb chord. The C music then ends on a Bb and a quick semitones step up gets us back the the starting note, B, of the A music. This rising from G to A to Bb to B gives the tunes a circularity as if it’s forever rising.

I have to note that my box is configured in the way of early 12 bass models with the extra 4 button at the bottom rather than the top and with Bb/F and Eb/F#. As well as giving the three chord trick for Bb this also gives Gmin7, Dm7 and Cm7 by combining adjacent chords with G, D and C basses.

In order to get the Bb section in the right octave I had to play up the dusty end but as it’s a LMM box it’s not squeaky as you might expect.

I can’t manage the linking chords which Rachel Aucoin on piano puts in on the CD but here’s my first effort at a rendition.
(It stops a bit suddenly, I went on to make a mistake the next time round).

I normally do videos for TotM with just the instrument but taking the views expressed on another thread some like to see the player as well, I’ve moved the camera back so you get my melodeon face!


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Re: Hommage a Jean-Paul Beaulieu
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2018, 10:51:16 PM »

Considerable virtuosity there Howard - well done. Playing three parts in three keys is always a challenge; maybe that would be a good theme of the month?
Must investigate this CD. Thanks for the post.
Salterelle Connemara III, Loffet Pro C/F
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