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What tune shall we play in May?

Jolly Beggarman
- 2 (7.4%)
Trip to Skye
- 7 (25.9%)
Bluemont Waltz
- 10 (37%)
Eleanor Plunkett
- 8 (29.6%)

Total Members Voted: 27

Voting closed: May 01, 2017, 06:40:41 AM

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Author Topic: Poll: Tune of the Month for May 2017  (Read 1285 times)

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Poll: Tune of the Month for May 2017
« on: April 27, 2017, 06:40:41 AM »

Hi all,

This month's selection:

Jolly Beggarman - Last month's runner up, and here played by Ed Rennie, this is (I believe according to my limited musical knowledge) a delightful exercise in mixolydian key playing;

Trip to Skye - thanks for this suggestion Arty - "he says May I suggest this tune by John Whelan, called "Trip to Skye",
Sheet music available on the web site of Yann-Fanch Perroches: " I also found this tutorial video:

Bluemont Waltz - Thanks Pete for this suggestion, which says:  Here's a nice waltz with plenty of scope for noodling, The Bluemont Waltz by Rodney Miller. Expertly played here by Matt Cranitch & Jackie Daly:


Code: [Select]
T:Bluemont Waltz, The
C:Rodney Miller
%%titlefont Helvetica, 22
%%partsfont Arial, 20
%%gchordfont Arial, 16
%%barnumbers 1
V:1 gchord=down
E A>B|:"A" c4 (3cBA|"E" B3 d c>B|"F#m" A F3 A2|F4 (3EFE|"D" D4 (3FED|"E" E2 A3 c|B6|B3 E A>B|
"A" c4 (3cBA|"E" B3 d c>B|"F#m"A F3 A2|F4 E2|"D"D4 (3FED|"E"E2 c3B|[1"A"A6|A3 E A>B:|[2"A"A6|c2d2e2|
|:"D" f4 f2|"E"e3 f e>d|"A"d c3-c2|c4 B2|"F#m"A4 A2|"E"B2 A3 e|"A"c6|c2>B2A2|
"Bm"B3 A B>c|"E"B4 A>F|"A"E A4 E|"F#m"F A3 F2|"D"D4 (3FED|"E"E2 c3 B|[1"A"A6|c2d2e2:|[2"A"A6|A3 E A>B|]

Finally, how about Eleanor Plunkett? An O'Carolan tune, here played (and posted just recently) by Roland Carson, . Oh, and there's this video too which autoplayed when I played Roland's: - that's just lovely, isn't it?


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