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Author Topic: Koch / Kochamica GCF box  (Read 51 times)

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Koch / Kochamica GCF box
« on: March 25, 2017, 02:10:04 PM »

I am still pretty new to the diatonic accordion--only getting my first box (a GC Pokerwork) last summer but I am a tinkerer by habit and so bought another on a lark, ostensibly to take apart and learn something and maybe get something to play as well.

So I purchased what turned out to be a GCF Koch / Kochamica box from a guy in Illinois. I was expecting a total wreck but it arrived in surprisingly better shape than I thought. 

I opened it up to inspect the reeds, valves, wax, bellows, gaskets etc.

I've got a couple dozen questions but I thought I'd start out with some simple ones.

Is anyone familiar with the Kochamica model(s)?  I searched here and found a few discussions about Koch accordions and a few things on line.  I've got a general understanding of the company's progress and eventually absorption into Hohner.

I figure I'll start here and then get further into questions about repair specifics.  (I know the valves need replacing--I've done that on my piano accordions, and the treble buttons are obviously a crucial hurdle--I've checked out CGM online and am fixing to give a call over there after sussing things out with y'all for a bit first.)

Thanks in advance for any insight and advice (I suppose "toss it in the dustbin" isn't necessarily the advice I'm looking for....)

Now to try and attach a few photos.

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