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Author Topic: Bodrogközi verbunk  (Read 469 times)

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Bodrogközi verbunk
« on: October 23, 2017, 01:50:25 AM »

I learned this on the tárogató at a Hungarian folk camp in 2016.  Transcribing it was very drawn-out and complicated process.  It's an odd tune: a verbunk is a recruiting dance, where a sergeant would go round villages with an accompanying musician and impress young lads with spectacularly macho dancing.  Usually verbunk tunes are in some kind of Hungarian folk idiom, but this one is nothing like it.  My guess is it's a military band tune from the Austro-Hungarian Empire that kinda went feral.  It was collected in Bodrogköz, which is near the point where present-day Hungary, Slovakia and Romania meet.

I learned it in A (sounding pitch G, the tárogató is a transposing instrument) but figured D might be the most convenient key for people here.  It's not very natural on the tárogató, and I'm curious to know if it's any more intuitive on a bisonoric instrument.  (Hungary doesn't have much of a tradition of them).

Code: [Select]
T:Bodrogk\"ozi verbunk
K:D %Transposed from A
FG^G|A2fe dcB^A|B2gf    g2z2|\
     e2ed cBAG |FAFA    F
FG^G|A2fe dcB^A|B2gf    edcB|\
     A2A2 B2c2 |d2dc [1 d  :|\
                     [2 d2 ||
z2|B2Bc dcB2    |f2f^e f2 z2   |\
   B2Bc dcB2    |f2f^e f2 z2   |
   BgBg Bg g/f/e|AfAf  Af f/e/d|\
   e2ed cABc    |dcde  f2 z2   |
   g3 g gfg2    |a2f2  d2 B2   |\
   e2ed cABc    |d2dc  d      |]

I found a couple of YouTubes of it being danced once - both used rather different versions of the tune. Can't locate either now; there is a video of kid doing a dance of the same name to a completely unrelated tune.

I can't figure out how to quit but I will no longer check this group and have deleted all shortcuts to it.
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