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Author Topic: #AskMelonBox: Live Q&A with Mel Biggs 1st Mondays 7-8pm GMT  (Read 6970 times)

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Gena Crisman

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Re: #AskMelonBox: Live Q&A with Mel Biggs 1st Mondays 7-8pm GMT
« Reply #80 on: December 04, 2018, 07:17:23 PM »

Hello! I caught up your stream last night, thanks!

I enjoyed hearing about your experiences with the 18 bass instruments, in particular the one you've got your eye on - I've read a few good things the Benny 12 & 18 on mel net before. I'll keep an eye out for one to have a noodle on, although realistically it's such a significant departure from what I'm used to I'm not sure how rewarding it would be to only spend ~quarter of an hour with one.

I'm a big fan of compact instruments. I've been learning quite a bit recently about the pros and cons of couplers and registers and how they can add size and weight to an instrument. Something I've started to pay attention to a lot is the keyboard and how much it grows out as it connects to the instrument. Hobgoblin near me had a Castagnari Fazzy for a while and for a 2r12 bass, I was always surprised by just how big and heavy it seemed, compared to what I was used to at least. If you look at a picture of it though, you can see it gets pretty swole:

I'm not sure if the same can be sort of said of the the Trilly, weight wise, but it does have couplers at either end, I think you noted a different time that it shares the same casework as the 4v Castagnari Wielly? You seem very comfortable with it though, so whatever it weighs is probably around what you'd want to aim to not exceed. I guess to some extent, where a box keeps all it's weight is also a big factor rather than just its straight kerb weight. So, all of that noted, I can believe that the Big 18 would be a very tempting prospect! Looking on Casta's site, I can see that although the numbers themselves are probably not trustworthy, it seem to imply the big 18 may actually be lighter than your Trilly, or at least it is in the same ballpark. Players like Thoon do make the options 18 bass systems offer very appealing.

So far, I've found I'm super into compact 2r8b instruments though, and it's hard to match parity with their weight, since even many feature instruments in the same catagory feel outside of my preference. I have been wondering to myself about if my distaste for 2.5r12b could be alleviated by finding a high end, compact instrument with enough cut down features to keep the magic I'm chasing in there. I've stuck my flag pretty hard into a 3v 2 row instrument though so, I'll have to see how I get on with that, whenever I get the phone call at least.


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Re: #AskMelonBox: Live Q&A with Mel Biggs 1st Mondays 7-8pm GMT
« Reply #82 on: December 07, 2018, 06:54:56 PM »

Missed my last #AskMelonBox live Q&A of 2018 on Monday? Never fear! Here's the round-up post.

Thanks for all the great questions this year! Keep them coming in 2019!
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