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Melodeon building with Emmanuel Pariselle Gouaux, France July 2019

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Melodeon Building with Emmanuel Pariselle 65240 Gouaux France July 3rd to 10th inclusive 2019.

Emmanuel has announced his next course in France organised for July 2019 at his family home in the French Pyrenees.

Melodeon building with Emmanuel Pariselle Gouaux, France July 3rd to 10th inclusive 2019
At Maison Pariselle 11 rue des trois fontaines, 65240 Gouaux, France.

Course Announcement
Having successfully run over twenty accordion manufacturing courses (France, England, Belgium, Norway, Quebec) Emmanuel begins to know the subject.
The aim of the course is not to train accordion manufacturers, but for 10 participants to build 10 diatonic accordions, with teamwork for the mechanisms, mutual help and a lot of elbow grease.
The model of diatonic accordion is two and a half row, two voice treble and fourteen bass. The keyboard on the right can be either 10/9/6 or 11/10/4 buttons. The student has the choice of key and note layout. The body is solid fruitwood (usually French walnut) with decorative marquetry choice. The reeds are mounted with screws onto beech reed blocks. The left hand strap is adjustable Velcro type.
If choosing the octave tuning on the right hand, one can have registers to play either single voice flute, bassoon, or both (voice bandoneon).
The air valve is German/Hohner type button (if necessary this can be altered)
Padded shoulder straps and a padded gig bag are included.

Price: 2500€ including accommodation and food.
A non-returnable deposit of 800€ must be paid to reserve a place and to allow Emmanuel to order parts (reeds, bellows, mechanisms ...) from Italian suppliers.

with Emmanuel Pariselle, Theo Gibb, Chris Mash and Mikas Dominas

Full details and booking form, in French, are on the attached prospectus.
You do not need to speak French to take the course, Emmanuel speaks very good English.
contact: emmanuel.pariselle@wanadoo.fr
phone: 00 33 5 49 54 81 64

Please contact Emmanuel or me for any further information.

A fantastic course.   Can recomend it!

But next time I want him to have the course in Sweden!   

I think if you can find a suitable location in Sweden Emmanuel might be interested. 

One place has become available on the melodeon building course 3rd to 10th July 2019 at Gouaux in the French Pyrenees.  Contact  Emmanuel.pariselle@wanadoo.fr , full details in the first message on this topic.

Oh wow, that came unexpected, Theo. Hm. I would really love to participate in such a workshop and build a Pariselle workshop box of my own. But I might want to check my calendar first. And my finances. And any other obligations I might have. And my level of MADness... I'm very tempted but have to consider it carefully. If someone is spontaneous enough to grab the free slot before I decide on anything, please by all means go ahead.


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