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Author Topic: Running Steady Speed Sessions  (Read 3546 times)

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Re: Running Steady Speed Sessions
« Reply #40 on: January 02, 2019, 02:01:19 PM »

Hi Gena

Just picked up this thread. I've been running a Steady Session in Hampshire 4 years and it's had up to 40 attendees, although has now settled to 25-30 (which makes it more manageable).
The range of abilities is quite large, and to help new players we have a selection of easier tunes in the first half, and then play the more challenging ones in the second half. I pitched the session at people who were at least able to play several tunes competently, and not to cater for absolute beginners, so some newbies have tried it and not returned (but I hope they will when they feel more confident). It's also important to keep the session regulars interested and engaged, so I've introduced 3/2 tunes and other more 'interesting' tunes as we progressed.
Although there are a lot of melodeon players who come, I also try to remind myself that there are tunes which other instruments will enjoy even if box players find them technically challenging (current tune of the month Da Slockit Light is a case in point).
We also still have several people who need to read the dots, although I have done my best to encourage them to turn the iPads over, and in general I don't now announce the tunes to be played. If people still can't remember, they can ask a neighbour - the general idea being to try to create a more usual session vibe.
Lastly, best of luck with your metronome! Tunes will speed up, and if somebody starts a tune really too quickly, I may have to intercede, but try not to. However, as people get really familiar with the repertoire, the favourites do stick to the beginning tempo, and in the end, if everybody enjoys themselves, that's really what it's all about.
Best of luck with your session - the idea is certainly very popular, and in my area two other Steady Sessions have started after mine.
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