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Author Topic: 1928 Guerrini 2 row box  (Read 566 times)

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Kimric Smythe

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1928 Guerrini 2 row box
« on: February 09, 2019, 05:03:42 AM »

I just finished restoring this guy today.
G/C tuning, brass reed plates with square cut reeds. 11 & 12 buttons on right. Extra buttons are dummies. 12 bass buttons.
Tuning was surprisingly modern. -10/+5.
The higest reeds did not play well, and I am not sure they ever did. The plates were right side up and the chamber was only slighty back
filled. I ended up flipping the reeds and back filling the chambers of the two highest reeds. Interestingly these were aluminum.

The body was a mystery, it sort of looks like it was set up to be a piano accordion or possibly a 3 row chromatic ( common in the area at the time) but ended up being a 2 row. there is no evidence of rework.

The bass machine is more like a stradella mechanism than a dedicated bass like a Hohner would have. It does have a rudimentary bass machine.
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Re: 1928 Guerrini 2 row box
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2019, 01:26:57 PM »

Hi Kimric,

I can't access my photos right now, but I have a somewhat similar large 2-row box from a similar time period.  Mine lacks the Guerrini name and has been reworked a bit. But again, mine looks like a piano-accordion design adapted to a diatonic melody side. Mine is also in GC on the melody side (LMM), but unlike yours, mine has a 48 stradella bass.

Will post pics of that one (again) when I get a chance. I have once described that  instrument (that I call the "Keshel" accordion because that was the player's name, I think) on melnet and posted pics before, but they seem to be attached to my previous post as a pdf at present:,6760.msg87026.html#msg87026

There are a couple of 3 (melody) row semitone- tuned Guerrinis known with the same grille design as yours and with and 8 or 12 bases.


(edited to link to the post on the Keshel accordion)
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