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For Sale: Bb/Eb Liliput


Helena Handcart:
A beautiful little box that I am selling simply because, well, no one needs more than one (or maybe 2) Bb/Eb boxes.  Tuned and declubbed (both ends), this box is in good condition and mostly original. There is some cosmetic wear around some of the bellows corners and the bellows straps have been fitted with press studs (see photo for both).  Aside from that the finish retains a good colour as do the yellow bellows. As you can see in the photos the bellows are in great condition, the box has original bass strap, bellows strap and grille cloth.  No shoulder strap but comes with original Liliput case.

A cracking little box but surplus to requirements as I have a couple of others and I've decided to be brave and just keep one.

Yours for £420, box is located in Surrey where you are welcome to collect, also happy to post.  Usual donation if sold through Melnet.

Helena Handcart:
This beautiful little box now reduced to £390 ONO.   There are too many Liliputs in this house - help me rectify this.


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