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James Fitton:

Good morning all,

I've just been discharged from hospital following a repair of an umbilical hernia. (All straightforward and fine). The doctor was keen to stress that I need to "take it easy" for around 6 weeks - no heavy lifting in particular. I asked about playing of squeezeboxes - it's hardly a common question I expect- so not unreasonably,they didn't really know what to advise, just repeated "be careful". It then occurred to me that there's a decent chance that someone out there in Melnet land has relevant personal/professional experience on this very particular topic. Any experiences or advice to share?


Had the same op, went back to playing the next day

Note 1, I am not a doctor but possible an idiot

Note 2, If you want to shot me don't aim for my belly button as there is a kevlar sheet for the hernia repair behind it, the same material as bulletproof vests are made of.

I'd have thought that even playing a box hard would only affect chest muscles, higher up than the repaired area.
If you play standing up, don't dance around too much - common sense really!

I certainly don't remember any curtailment of playing after an inguinal hernia repair last year, but I did temporarily swap my very heavy Calton cello case for a borrowed, much lighter one, for a festival where I'd be carrying it around. During recovery, I noticed that simply lifting things wasn't really a problem, but the twisting movements loading things into a car, for example, caused some discomfort.

For the first few days, getting out of bed was the hardest thing.

Winston Smith:
"getting out of bed was the hardest thing."

That's normal for some of us! During a recent examination, I was to, my surprise, told that I also had one of those umbilical hernias

Alan Pittwood:
Same for me in 2012, nothing specific beyond "taking it easy".

Did give up the fixed-wheel bicycle for a couple of months: but not the melodeon.


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