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Link to Melnet facebook page.

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Winston Smith:
Someone posted a link to the public access Melnet facebook page the other day. For future nosiness, I dropped it into my favourites, but now it's not there! I've looked on here, but can no longer find the posting, can anyone help a poor old technophobe?

Tone Dumb Greg:
Does this work?


Winston Smith:
It's working now, thanks, but will it last?

Tone Dumb Greg:
It's worked for me since the group first started.


--- Quote from: Winston Smith on June 21, 2019, 09:17:31 PM ---It's working now, thanks, but will it last?

--- End quote ---
The best things never last. Carnations last for blinking ever. Pears are only perfectly ripe for 45 minutes.


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