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What tune shall we play in August?

Miss Betty Fitchett's Wedding
- 2 (4.1%)
Old Woman Tossed Up in a Blanket
- 5 (10.2%)
Fireside Polka
- 4 (8.2%)
Duchess/Dark Girl Dressed in Blue
- 15 (30.6%)
The Nutting Girl
- 16 (32.7%)
Horse's Branle
- 3 (6.1%)
Gardener's Delight
- 0 (0%)
Spirit of the Dance
- 1 (2%)
Woodland Revels
- 2 (4.1%)
Autumn in Glenaffric
- 1 (2%)

Total Members Voted: 47

Voting closed: July 31, 2010, 12:12:18 AM

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Author Topic: Poll: Tune of the Month for August 2010  (Read 5972 times)

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Re: Poll: Tune of the Month for August 2010
« Reply #20 on: August 01, 2010, 09:10:25 AM »

Not as good as the Stanley Unwin version.
Which unfortunately exists only in my imagination.

That would be something!

I've always considered Stanley H to be the finest latter day performer of Victorian and Edwardian music hall songs, as well as a pretty good character actor. Mind you, I'm the sort of sad old thing that quite liked "The Good Old Days" and Leonard Sachs on television, and has a serious soft spot for Leslie Sarony and Harry Long songs.

The trouble with this association is that the moment I start trying to get the "approved" version of "Dark Girl" right (I sort of know it anyway) that ruddy Holloway song worms its way in.

Broadland Boy

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Re: Poll: Tune of the Month for August 2010
« Reply #21 on: August 01, 2010, 02:16:10 PM »

Not as good as the Stanley Unwin version.
Which unfortunately exists only in my imagination.

Were you aware that Professor Stanley Unwin was an accomplished box player and founder of the BBC Technical Services Division, Melodeon and Accordion society, I am fortunate in having a rapidly disintegrating carbon copy of his Melodeon tutor, far to fragile to risk scanning but have transcribed the intro - this was my guide during the dark years, never learned much music but laugh - sometimes I needed two or three changes of asbestos undies a day.....

Ladles and Gentlybold, here is a welcomit to Proffessor Unwolds Melodeo Tuttelage.

The Melodeo also known as the squeezeybokkas is a membreload of the family of musicole instrumolds known as the freeb reedlers. These are charactered in the fundamould by a great many foldit and squeezeit huffalo dowd windy bag or bellowfalloppers oh yebbers and at each end of this two woody enden,  which scintillate and dangly with the myriad little buttonpokers which the player, or MAD persey of the morry dancitin band, have to press while all the timeload forcet the woody enders in and out so the air or workit vapour trapped in the squeezit bellow is forcetin in and out through the small and tremblit freeb reddler producy the most awful screechyschreechit noise from the right handdrober fingersanddanglit or from the left a very deep growl and rumblet of the whoops burpy pardlo type but anyhow of the melodeo this is the basic fundamold to uderstandit before you even try to play one, oh yes.
Richard A
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