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Author Topic: Help w/ tuning problem?  (Read 1843 times)

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Help w/ tuning problem?
« on: May 06, 2008, 01:31:48 AM »

Hi, all. I've got a bit of a tuning problem that I hope someone can help me with.

For background, my level of expertise is not dismal, exactly, but I've certainly got both feet well within the amateur camp -- probably know just enough to get myself into trouble! I've been tinkering at tuning my own PA's since I picked that up again several years ago (after a 40-year "strike"), and just picked up my first two-row late last summer. Since then, I've tuned it and two others, but this is strictly for myself and for other amateur friends who know they'll get exactly what they're paying for! (I like to think that they at least get sent home a bit better for the experience.)

So.......this is an Erica GC that I've tuned down to a very mild tremolo. I've been using Dirk's Accordion Tuner, and while my tuning may not be perfectly spot-on, I've been diligent (as in 'numerous attempts'!), and most notes usually show up within a half cent error. There are no beat rate errors greater than .3 Hz.  The note in question (D4) has a target beat rate of 2.67, and it reads as 2.70, and is right in line with its neighbors. 

But the annoying thing is what I can only describe as an excessive amplitude fluctuation, as though someone had hold of the volume knob and was twisting it back & forth in time with the tremolo. I have removed those two reeds, assured that there are no leaks in the chambers, installed new mylar valves, re-waxed and re-tuned, and it's still the same. Just that one note, everything else sounds fine, at least to my ears. So I'm at a loss......any ideas? Bob
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