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I'm a recent convert from concertina to DBA; I still play my 'tinas, but since playing a couple of contra dances (I play all the strings) with a DBA player a couple of months ago I have swooned for the larger box.  I scored a virtually mint vintage pokerwork on the bay for a killer price, but have been seeking an A/D box.  I just took delivery on an old Corso in almost mint condition I scored on ebay--just wanted to report how delighted I am to have finally acquired the elusive A/D box.  What a big sound--what a big bass.  :)  How did our ancestors survive without ebay?

Those A basses are tasty, alright. Happy playing.  8)

I survive quite well without e bay

I like the Corso.. bought a mint C/F at an auction for $35.35  USD  had it retuned dryish


In this thread from awhile back,the norwegian musican being discussed is playing an A/D corso.Lovely sound and very nice playing.I play a Corona III in A/D/G,I wish that I had the low E/G# notes that your Corso has.


Nice--thanks for the clip, Chris.

I'd assumed that the Corso was very similar to the Corona--didn't realize the keyboard range was different.

FWIW, I live in a small town in the Western U.S.--I can't even find a strap bracket for my box, much less DBAs themselves.  Hence, my predilection for ebay.


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