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Bruno Regal melodeon - tiny! cute! total rubbish!

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Christopher K.:
Neat! Your Regal still has its clasp, which is something of a prize with old melodeons.

I think that is a different instrument, though, a slightly more 'serious' melodeon but still an inexpensive one. Mine was obviously a toy when it was new, retailed by Bruno but almost impossible to know who built it. The pallets and stops are also different -- I see yours has two sets of reeds but three big knobby stops. Do any of yours actually function or are they purely decorative?

I think your Regal was built by Hohner. Regal was a brand name sold in their catalog. Not sure if Hohner built the ones for Bruno, though maybe they did.

The three stops are decorative although there does appear to be a wooden slide under one of the reed banks similar to your box. The inside of the left-hand end looks exactly likes yours right down to the number of reeds on each button. The seal between the bellows and the end frames appears to be the same material. It's a bit difficult to see on your pictures but the webbing thumbstrap looks very similar too.

As for differences, the stops never had the ceramic tops with the name on them and the bellows have two frames where yours has one. I always thought that was the mark of an older instrument but I'm no expert. The logo above the pallets is a hunting horn with the words "Trademark" and "Made in Germany".

I assume by "clasp" you mean the retaining clips on the bellows. These are still there on front and back and are not rusting at all (unlike the corner pieces). Zinc perhaps?


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