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Author Topic: Saltarelle Nuage reviews  (Read 6509 times)

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Saltarelle Nuage reviews
« on: November 18, 2007, 10:40:08 AM »

Old review for my Salterelle Nuage

I bought this box because my 10 year old Castagnari Tommy was getting a bit past its sell by date and because I liked the sound I was hearing from the likes of Brian Peters, Tim Edey etc.

It has the following advantages over most equivalent price boxes:

  • Three stops in the treble end, I like the L+M sound particularly and find it useful for song accompaniment to give depth without volume.
  • It has two stops in the bass, I love the sound of the bass chords with the thirds out and the removal of the low bass gives a good bass sound without too much volume.
  • Of course if you switch everything on its one hell of a loud box so good for Morris.

It has a 23 button treble to give both low notes and accidentals. Some might find the accidentals a bit of a stretch.

The flat keyboard took a small amount of getting used to but now I find the stepped keyboards more awkward and slower. The finish is a little bit flakey up against Castagnari but the cost is commensurately lower and it in no way affects the playability or the sound.

I've only had it two months and expect that there is still some playing in to come, some of the higher octave reeds are a little slow to speak or a little quiet sometimes. If this does not sort itself in the next few months I will get it looked at by the supplier (Music Room - Cleckheaton, a very nice bunch of people).

So overall a very good value for money box with a really good sound.

I stand by what I said so am happy for it to be published if no one else has any thing to add
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Re: Saltarelle Nuage reviews
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2007, 10:49:16 PM »

I have played quite a few.. from the late 80's til about 2 years ago.. I have not played one recently and have not owned one.

Its main "feature"  is its featutres.

# stops left, 2 stops right

Where it falls down is the overall qulaity.. Spec'd  out to the lowest bidder for manufacture.. when originally built be Serrenellini  much better,
I owned 2 of the Serrenellini built "Clouds"... same box...

There is also the question of reed quality which has flip flopped all over the place for years.. once touted as having handmade reeds when they were duralls  and I hjave played boxes owne d by pros that had a mano and better reeds...

I like the action and the tone  but not the construction or the tuning...

But it has alwyas been my position new accordeons are "kits" and need to be fiddled to sound and play correctly.

Another bugaboo is the pricing.  Though they are less than Castagnaris, they should be less yet.. Why.. because they go through many hands all wanting a profit. Unlike a Castagnari which can be bought direct or from a dealer who got them direct there is one more ruung in the ladder,  another lion to feed.

First the maker ( whether Dino B opr others) gets their cut, then George ROux gets his cut, then the dealer gets his cut.

Why not just get a Serenellini  either from a dealer or direct.. That way you get the original ( minus the new fancy keyboard and grille from Salt.)
And then  for not too much more  get the true hand made reeds and the price is still less than the Saltarelle.

Here in the States, dealers are ntorious ( with few exceptions) of taking your order, having the box "dropped shipped" to you directly from Rox and when there is a problem they wash their hands.

This would be a fine accordeon of there was more steak anmd less sizzle.   Were I to get one I would look for an older one with the butterfly logo.

Andrew Wigglesworth

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Re: Saltarelle Nuage reviews
« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2007, 09:33:22 PM »

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