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Are you a beginner?
Have you been playing for a short while but don't feel brave enough to join in the TOTM?
Well here is the place for you!
This is a safe area. No flaming. No arguments. Just encouragement. Post your first video and receive helpful hints tips and comments (hopefully).

Just pick any TOTM (tune of the month) from our archive (see list below) that you feel you can achieve. Post a link to the video or audio as a reply to this thread. Don't forget to mark it 'Beginners Showcase' along with the title of the TOTM you are playing (and if you want to how long you have been playing).

If you want tips on recording you can find them here
   October 2009      Speed the Plough      November 2009      L'Inconnu d'Limoise       December 2009      Princess Royal      January 2010      Ashokan Farewell      February 2010      Orange in Bloom/Sherbourne Waltz      March 2010      The Plane Tree/Schottische a Bethanie         April 2010      Battle of the Somme      May 2010      Michael Turner's Waltz      June 2010      Rusty Gully      July 2010      Cock of the North      August 2010      Nutting Girl      September 2010      Liberty Bell      October 2010      Canal in October      November 2010      Steamboat Hornpipe      December 2010              Moon and Seven Stars      January 2011      La Marianne      February 2011      Dark Girl Dressed in Blue      March 2011      The Cheshire Waltz      April 2011      La Roulante/LNB Polka      May 2011      Ash Grove      June 2011      Lemmy Brazil No. 2      July 2011      Three Around Three      August 2011      Brighton Camp      September 2011      Oh! Joe the Boat is Going Over      October 2011      The Sloe      November 2011      Beatrice Hill's Three Handed Reel      December 2011      Inna Inna      January 2012      Bear Dance      February 2012      Rabbit Stew      March 2012      Idbury Hill      April 2012      Planxty Irwin      May 2012      Molly Oxford      June 2012      Galopede      July 2012      Lemonville Jig   
Last updated: 10/7/2012

To show how its done and that there's nothing embarrassing about a first post of a TOTM. Here is mine.
Speed the Plough - playing time 8 months
(its an old video...)

Brilliant idea!

No I've no excuse for being shy .....

I'm a fairly new beginner, 5 weeks. I agree this is a great idea. Now I just need to figure out how to record myself and of course learn to play one of these tunes.

Thanks LDT, this is a great idea  (:).  I have been meaning to do a TOTM for a while, but when I attempted it then listened back to my playing it was so excruciating :|bl that I couldn't bring myself to post...must just get on with it now...
(And it has been most encouraging watching your own progress and seeing the huge improvements you've made in your playing :|||: - great stuff)


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